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Filtering on words should be easy to do without spam filtering software.
Simply create a rule and add the words yourself that you want to filter on.
As for what is best, that depends somewhat on what your email software is
and what might be compatible with it.  For me, I find I no longer need one
since I use Outlook for my email program and upgraded to the most recent
2003 version.  It has good enough spam control built into it.  Mailwasher is
good if you don't mind running through a proxy, but I prefer spam software
that integrates with my email program.  Spam Inspector is one that
integrates as well as another from Cloudmark.  Neither of these are free
however.  I don't have the links handy but if you search for either of those
programs you'll have no trouble finding them.  In my opinion, any one that
has a whitelist and blacklist with the ability to let you add to the filter
on the fly and auto move messages from the inbox to the junk mail is a good
one.  Another method getting more and more popular is the challenge/response
method.  Mail will not come to your inbox until those sending, reply to a
challenge message that is auto sent to them.  When they answer a challenge
once they are allowed through.  The problem I've seen with that is some
spammers actually answer the challenge message and get through.


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Hi, I would be very interested to know what anyone considers the really top
spam and junk email filter program, since there are so many to choose from.
MailWasher is a great freeware one, but does not have a way to filter out
emails according to bad words. I see also some have a feature to allow you
to send a spam complaint to the domain provider of the sender if you like.
I'm just not sure which program is the top-rated one.

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