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Do the math.  From what I understand it is quite normal to expect a .5
percent return on spam email sent out.  Let's be conservative and say that
someone sends out 1 million emails to sell a 5 dollar widget and that he
will only make 2 dollars off of each one.  That would make 5,000 returns for
10,000 bucks.  Time spent sending 1 million emails?  Cost of sending the
spam email?  Answer obvious.  Do they really care about the other 995,000
that deleted their spam without reading?  I doubt it.  Are we going to
achieve zero response?  I doubt that as well.  This makes it very profitable
to harvest email addresses.  Considering the clever way the hackers find to
spread viruses etc., I am sure there are just as many ingenious ways to come
up with vast amounts of email addresses.  Take for instance all the mushy
stories, chain letters, and sad stories etc. that go around telling everyone
to "forward this to every person in your address book."  How many of these
do you think are harmless?  ZERO.  They are all used to harvest innocent
protected email addresses.

On the plus side, I have been reading about a new RFC being developed for
the Internet that is going to replace SMTP.  It is referred to as AMTP. A
Google search will give you a link to Bill Wienman's page that will explain
it in detail.  In a nutshell, it is going to provide for a mandatory
authentication to outgoing mail servers before those servers will accept
outgoing mail.  It will make those outgoing servers accountable for all mail
that passes through their servers.  It will make all SPAM absolutely
traceable to it's source.  Will this eliminate SPAM?  I doubt it, but it
will certainly allow 1000 times more control over it.  I think this approach
has some promise, but I'm not sure how long it will take to get this RFC
official and adopted.  Then, how long will it take ISP's to convert to the
standard?  What do we do in the meantime?

After years of chasing SPAM, tracking down the origin, and reporting abuse,
I finally gave up.  I've surrendered because this war can not be won by the
individual. Now I simply focus on filtering in an effort to trap 100 percent
SPAM with no legit emails ever getting caught in my filter.  To date I'm
getting better then 95 percent trapped and less then 1 percent legit mail
ever gets caught in my filters.  I back up my blacklists and whitelists just
as often as my most important data so if I ever lose stuff I can restore my
filters easily.  I must say, for getting 200 to 300 SPAM messages per week,
I'm quite at peace with it for now.


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Hi Tricia,

This is perhaps the most infuriating thing about spam to me. The jerks that
spam wouldn't do it if they weren't actually making money doing it.
Therefore, there must be total idiots in this world that are responding to
spam and making it worthwhile for the spammers to do. Those people are as
much a part of the problem as the spammers themselves, maybe more so, as far
as I'm concerned.

If people would simply never, ever respond to spam it would go away. As long
as there are even a few fools that will buy the junk the spammers peddle, we
all have to suffer. We're all held hostage by the (very) lowest common
denominator among us.


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