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Remember, edit replies.

It could be a virus, like Klez. Do you have an
antiviral program?  If not, try a free online scan:

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> Remember, edit replies.
> I've received a couple of Emails in the last few days that have worried me a 
> little.  The Emails arrive
addressed to me at an Email address I don't use very often but check 
automatically each time I open Outlook
Express.  The worrying thing is that these Emails appear to come from me also, 
using that Email address,
although, of course, they do not.
> Has this happened to anyone else, and is there something I can do about it, 
> because I'm concerned this
company may be sending out other spam Emails that purport to come from me, and 
I certainly don't want that
> What should I do?
> Thanks in advance.

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