[24hoursupport] Spam Blocker Pro by Bullseye

  • From: 0e60wq102@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  • Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 10:52:50 -0700 (PDT)

I bought Spam Blocker Pro by Bullseye for about $5 on discount and installed 
it, and ran into the following problems;

system instability.

could not import my personal address list in bulk to Spam Blocker's 'friends' 
list, but had to laboriously copy and paste one at a time.

the sound files were awful and had to all be replaced by a feminine voice 
reading back announcements I created in notepad and played back on TextAssist4 
while recording on my Creative Sound Blaster program. By 'awful', I mean the 
sound for incoming spam was a dog barking, and the sound for deleting spam was 
a machinegun. Maybe others will say they've gotta have it now I've said this. 

when finally configured, it began giving triple spam alerts every time it 
started, but showed nothing in the 'deleted' folder. Then it held hostage an 
*exceptionally* important incoming email and wouldn't let it through to my 
email program, which I had to do a print out of first for backup, then I killed 
Spam Blocker and the email came through safely.

lastly...it caused me to lose an entire subfolder of personal email addresses 
in Netscape, which had to be restored one by one from actual messages. 

on uninstalling Spam Blocker Pro, I discovered a new gliche had appeared in my 
anti-trojan program that it no longer self-dials the internet when starting.

bye-bye, Spam Blocker. I'm going to switch from Netscape's to IE6's email 
program and try the newest and greatest anti-spam program as listed here;
I have to switch to IE6's email program which isn't so bad to try it, because 
it is not compatible with Netscape's. It seems like a really top-rated program, 
so I anticipate few or no problems. 

a cheerful hello and thank you also to Richard Innes of Auckland New Zealand. 

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