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Hi Ron,

Been away for the (US) holiday so am just now reading your post.

Here are some ideas: Do you have the speaker configuration set to 5.1 in
the audio properties?  Along with Mr. Harris' suggestion, you could also
check the speaker in a music-only setting, like plugged into a stereo
system.  I assume it is a miniplug, so you could at least plug it into a
headphone jack.  The sub probably has a crossover, which could have gone
bad, but I would check other avenues first to be sure.

Regarding computer audio...Soundblaster is not the "best there can be."
There are several high-end soundcards available, and speaker systems as
well.  Here is one: http://www.stereophile.com/showarchives.cgi?280 .  They
have reviewed one just a few months ago.  I will try to remember to look
for it tonight in the past issues.
Poke around www.stereophile.com, they have been reviewing several audio
components for computers.

Audiophile before computer geek

Hello Group,

I have a SoundBlaster Live! X-Gamer (the original, not the 5.1) using the
latest XP drivers from Creative on a XP Pro system, and a Cambridge
SoundWorks 4+1 speaker system (4 satellite cubes + a subwoofer).

This system has worked great for a couple of years, until recently. A few
weeks ago, the subwoofer stopped working. Without the woofer, the sound is,
as you might expect, awfully thin and tinny-sounding.

At first, I thought that the woofer had just been disconnected somehow,
because I pulled all the plugs and reseated the connections and the full,
rich sound came back. The problem is that it keeps dropping in and out now.
I've checked all of the plugs and connections and there is no evidence of
dirty connectors or frayed cords. I've tested the cables with a multimeter
(continuity test) and even wiggling the ends around fairly forcefully
doesn't cause a break in the circuit. The connections to the speakers and
the card are all nice and snug.

So, it seems to me I've got one of two things happening. Either the
subwoofer itself has developed an internal intermittent short or the
drivers are intermittently cutting the subwoofer out of the system.

Any suggestions on how to determine if the speaker has gone bad, or if it
is the drivers, or any suggestions on what else to try/consider?

Also, for years I have considered the Creative SoundBlaster line to be the
last word in computer audio. Is that still true, or is there a better, or
at least different, brand to consider?

Finally, I can find this out for myself, I have no doubt, but I am unclear
on what the difference is between the system I have and a 5.1 system, so if
there are any audio enthusiasts that would like to explain the benefits of
5.1 or if there is anything newer, I'd appreciate it. And what is the
benefit to me of upgrading to an Audigy card? I already know what the
benefit to Creative is <G>.



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