[24hoursupport] Re: Should I run XP?

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Hi Mike,

I have a computer here that has a Celeron 600, 128 RAM, (2) 8.4GB hard 
drives running XP.  :-(  I previously had 98 SE on this and it ran like a 
champ.  After the "upgrade?" to XP, it's runs like a chump!  I should have 
left well enough alone.  My new policy:  If it's not broken, don't try to 
fix it!

I have three other computers here running XP (Pentium 3, 1.333 MHz; Pentium 
4, 2.4 and 2.8 MHz) and they all have 512 or more RAM, because they don't 
function well with less.  I have 4 computers running 98SE with 128 RAM or 
less and they work great.  I have 1 running ME and I should have left well 
enough alone and stayed with the 98SE on that one.

When the 98SE & ME messes up on occasion, I back up the data and do an 
overinstall (upgrade, not a new clean install) and have not lost any data 
and didn't have to reinstall any programs.

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My PC is getting on a bit - AMD K6-500, 144meg, 8.4GB HDD - and I run
w98se. Now I know that I CAN run XP from other threads, but will there
be a significant performance drop?

I like to have a few programs running at most times (OE, Mailwasher and
Opera (several tabs open) at the very least, usually with one of
PaintShop, Frontpage or Winamp, depending on what work I'm doing) and
wonder if the extra system resources the OS will take will push the
system that bit too far.

I've noticed a general small slowdown since installing broadband
recently, and this makes me think twice.

Any thoughts? I'm getting fed up of 98s constant small-but-fundamental
failings and don't want to reinstall AGAIN! Should I go with the stabler
XP (I see it that way from other machines I use) on my little old


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