[24hoursupport] Should I run XP?

  • From: "Mike Brown" <mike.brown1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 02:03:02 -0000

My PC is getting on a bit - AMD K6-500, 144meg, 8.4GB HDD - and I run =
w98se. Now I know that I CAN run XP from other threads, but will there =
be a significant performance drop?

I like to have a few programs running at most times (OE, Mailwasher and =
Opera (several tabs open) at the very least, usually with one of =
PaintShop, Frontpage or Winamp, depending on what work I'm doing) and =
wonder if the extra system resources the OS will take will push the =
system that bit too far.

I've noticed a general small slowdown since installing broadband =
recently, and this makes me think twice.

Any thoughts? I'm getting fed up of 98s constant small-but-fundamental =
failings and don't want to reinstall AGAIN! Should I go with the stabler =
XP (I see it that way from other machines I use) on my little old =

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