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I'm going to have to take exception to your post here.  First let me
qualify this by saying that this in no way is intended as a "flame".
However, I do not want to let such statements you are making go
unchallenged.  To tell someone who may not be very familiar with the
internet and email that they will protect themselves from 95 percent of
viruses by leaving Outlook / Outlook Express is a very wrong.  That is
very far from the truth.  There are many many viruses out there that
could care less what type of email program you are using.  The only way
you can protect yourself against viruses is to run a reliable anti virus
software and keep it updated.  In addition people should learn the safe
way to handle attachments.  Those two things combined will protect you
from MOST viruses but not all.

You are entitled to your opinion of course, but it is very unfair to
bash Microsoft and blame them for all the virus problems.  Outlook (have
to purchase) and Outlook Express (free) are both high quality email
programs.  I have personally compared both of them against all the
programs you mention below in addition to many others that you did not
mention.  I have found none of them able to do all the things that
Outlook Express is capable of.  Outlooks calendaring, task and contact
management features add a dimension that no other email software can
touch.  That's my opinion.

I have been working with computers for over 22 years now.  I have been
on the Internet before the WWW was even thought of when navigation was
via a Unix command prompt.  I've used Microsoft's email when it was
Internet Mail and News up to version 3 followed by OE4,5 and 6 along
with Outlook98, 2000 and 2002.  I have NEVER gotten a virus on my PC.
With those qualifications, I urge all users on this list to do as they
see fit, but do not dump Outlook or Outlook Express based on one
person's opinion.

Largo, Florida 33771

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Since you've gotten several informative answers to your specific problem
think it's incumbent upon me to point out an even better solution: Stop
using Outlook for email ASAP. It's a virus magnet.

There are several good free email clients for windows - Pegasus (
http://www.pmail.com/ ), Foxmail (
and my fave the adware Eudora ( http://www.eudora.com/ ).

Not only are any of these easier to use, but simply by not using Outlook

(for email) you automatically protect yourself against 95% of the latest

viruses. The sooner you take the effort to switch the easier it will be.

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