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Hi Elaine,

Welcome to the group :)

>I have just joined the group I am hoping to be able to get some
>suggestions on how I can connect two computers to  broadband internet via
>one ntl cable modem. Without having to buy another modem and without have
>to make one computer a gateway as in internet sharing, as that means I
>would have to leave one of the computers on fulltime and that is out of
>the question.

You are describing exactly the setup I have, two computers connecting=
 directly to a single cable modem. To do this, you need to purchase what's=
 called a "gateway router". Some people prefer the LinkSys brand, but I=
 have had poor experiences with LinkSys and suggest Netgear. If 3Com has=
 entered the home router market since the last time I looked at networking=
 hardware, then I would probably suggest 3Com unless it is=
 cost-prohibitive. Regardless, Best Buy will likely have what you need.=
 Then you just connect the modem to the router and each computer to the=
 router and you're in business.

Be sure to get a router, not a hub. Some well-intentioned clerk may try to=
 tell you that all you need is a hub and try to save you some money. A hub=
 will not do what you want it to do; it merely turns one of your machines=
 into a gateway and facilitates the other computer to connect to it. A=
 router has the internal hardware and software needed to do what you want=
 done. With a router, your ISP assigns an IP address to you, which becomes=
 the external IP address of the router. Then the router, which should have=
 DHCP server ability built-in, will assign the IP addresses to each=
 computer on your network. The last I checked, hubs were running about $25=
 and routers were going for about $75, a big price jump but well worth the=
 added cost in my opinion.

A router is also great because it adds a physical level of security between=
 your computers and the Internet, a hardware firewall in effect. Potential=
 hackers will be able to "see" your IP address but won't be able to=
 immediately get through to your machines because what they are seeing is a=
 router and not a computer. You still need to install software firewalls on=
 each machine connected to the router, and I strongly suggest the free=
 ZoneAlarm which you can download from http://www.zonelabs.com

Another security issue: as soon as you get the router installed and=
 working, look through the instructions that come with it to find out how=
 to change the router password. The router will come with a password like=
 "password" or "1234" or some other well-know and easily guessed password=
 preconfigured. Once you have reset the router password, most hackers will=
 not even bother trying to get past it because it isn't worth the hassle.

Hope this helps and good luck. Any other questions, please ask away!


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