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I hear you Ron.  Let me know if those steps work.  That will be useful to
know.  Logic tells me it should, but you know how far and what direction
logic will take you sometimes. ;-).




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I'm going to try what you suggest Spider, and if it works... I still don't
know what I'll do. I think I'll wait and see what the response is from
ZoneLabs to my latest email and my BBB complaint. I'm really ticked off
about this whole thing, and, darn it, what's to stop them from doing it
again or something like it? What's to stop Trend from taking that ability
out of their next upgrade? Are these companies in bed together, competing
with each other, or somehow both? All I know is that I'm tired of being in
the middle :)


Friday, July 23, 2004, 5:34:06 PM, you wrote:
S> I read your "rant" :-) and you do make some good points.  I even
S> understand what you are getting at.  I suspect there MIGHT be a way
S> to have both actually.  I've not tried it, but what I think you could
S> do is install Trend Internet Security first without Zone Alarm being
S> present.  Then look in the folder that Trend installs to and you will
find a file called PCCTool.exe.
S> Run that and go to the Uninstall tab and you will see a button to
S> "Uninstall Firewall".  After doing that, I would think you could then
S> install Zone Alarm Pro.  This is by the way one of my complaints with
S> Trend. I think they should give you the option during setup as to
S> whether or not you want the firewall instead of forcing the install
S> and then making you use an undocumented diagnostic tool to remove it.
S> It smacks of Norton tricks.  I hope it does not become a habit with
S> Trend.  I understand the need to dumb down the installation for
S> novice's but that does not mean they can't put an advanced button in
their setup to allow custom installs.

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