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  • Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 21:14:59 -0700

Hi Ron,
the XP firewall even the one is XP SP2 Beta is not very good.
it still allows Windows to phone home to Microsoft.

I think the Trend one will give you more protection.

I was talking to ZA yesterday as I had to reinstall XP Pro due to a conflict
with Norton AV during a download while running SP2.
At least that is MS story:<(

The rep at ZA suggest I not get the last (latest) update as there were some
problems with it.
I have 5.0.590.015 on this computer and have had no problems with it and
Norton AV 2004 or H&B AntiVir which I just installed Tuesday in place of

ZA are going to be releasing an updated one shortly. 

Mike ~ one of the Moderators
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On 7/22/2004 at 10:48 PM Ron Allen wrote:

Hello Group,

I have a decision to make in the near future, and would appreciate
hearing other's perspectives.

I have Trend Micro Internet Security installed as my Anti-Virus
solution, and Zone Alarm Pro as my firewall.

The most recent updates to Zone Alarm are incompatible with Trend
Micro AV, and will not install. In fact, the installer gives a message
directing me to un-install Trend Micro.

My Zone Alarm Pro upgrade contract expires in 10 days.

I am thinking to uninstall Zone Alarm and using either the Windows XP
firewall or the firewall built into Trend Micro.

Comments? Suggestions? Advice?



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