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On the sound issue; START menu, Settings, Control Panel, Double Click
'Sounds'. Somewhere within the 'Windows' section you will see 'Start
Windows' with a little speaker (there might not be a speaker by it if you
don't currently have a sound set, but you say "change" the sound, so there
should be one) Select it and then direct windows to your desired .wav file
via the 'Browse' box. 'OK' everything and Bob's your uncle!

Fanny may well also be you're aunt, but I've no idea about Screen savers,


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> Hi,
> I was wondering where you save screensavers you download from the internet
on your computer so that it shows up in the screensavers list.  Also, how do
you change the sound when Windows starts up (I'm using Windows 98SE)?
Thanks for your help.

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