[24hoursupport] Screen resolution stuck at lowest setting

  • From: "Paul M. King" <peking7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 12:10:51 -0700

I run a Dell Dimension 4600 loaded with WIN XP Home and an old Compaq 
Presario 5030 loaded with WIN 98 SE. They are connected with a KVM switch 
to a Compaq MV500 Monitor which has been steady as a rock for seven years. 
I see no reason to discard it until it fails.

The monitor resolution is fully adjustable at three resolution settings 
when running the Compaq. But a couple of weeks ago, it dropped to the 
lowest setting (640 x 480 pixels) and will not budge when the Dell computer 
is connected to the monitor. This setting is unacceptable to my digital 
photo processing program.

Before this occurred I was seeing a small warning panel while booting up 
the Dell unit, which gave me a choice between setting the resolution myself 
or permitting WIN XP to do it. I always chose WIN XP.

When the setting stuck, I tried XP tools, including the video wizard, to 
remedy the situation. So far, nothing has worked.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if my video driver(s) are corrupted or if my 
video card is failing in the Dell unit. I have located the video drivers on 
the web so I can download them if necessary.

Installing new drivers involves going into the registry. I would have to 
save the old settings, delete them from the registry and install the new 
ones in their place, according to the MS Knowledge Base.

Before I do this, I would like to hear about any simpler solution that any 
of you know about.

Paul K.

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