[24hoursupport] Re: SBWatchdog.exe

  • From: "Ron Allen" <chizotz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 00:01:52 -0500


It doesn't appear to be a part of the SoundBlaster installation after all.
Following a trail on a Google search led me to a page where someone listed
the contents of their SBUtils directory:

CPS DUN 637 08-14-99 10:17a CPS.dun 
DPC DUN 1,154 08-14-99 10:17a DPC.dun 
DXJ DUN 1,621 08-14-99 10:17a DXJ.dun 
EQT DUN 1,256 08-14-99 10:17a EQT.dun 
FEN DUN 1,067 08-14-99 10:17a FEN.dun 
FTE DUN 1,125 08-14-99 10:17a FTE.dun 
FTT DUN 1,036 08-14-99 10:17a FTT.dun 
INE DUN 1,065 08-14-99 10:17a INE.dun 
LAUNCH GIF 1,064 08-12-99 7:45a launch.gif 
LAUNCH ICO 766 08-12-99 7:45a Launch.ico 
SBDUN DLL 217,088 08-12-99 7:46a SBDun.dll 
SBREG PBK 71,596 08-12-99 7:45a SBReg.pbk 
SBREPO DLL 212,992 08-12-99 7:46a SBRepo.dll 
SBWATC~1 EXE 61,440 08-12-99 7:47a SBWatchDog.exe 
SBWATC~1 ICO 2,102 08-12-99 7:46a sbwatchdog.ico 
SBWEBCTL DLL 163,840 08-12-99 7:47a SBWebCtl.dll 
SBWEBH~1 EXE 86,016 08-12-99 7:47a SBWebHost.exe 
SBWEBT~1 DLL 94,208 08-12-99 7:46a SBWebTools.dll 
SBWINET DLL 94,208 08-12-99 7:46a SBWinet.dll 
UUN DUN 1,019 08-14-99 10:17a UUN.dun 

DUN stands for "dial up networking", and I now believe this is either some
kind of modem utility directory or a replacement for Windows standard DUN
or some program that connects to the Interenet or another site by dialing
it up. 

As another confirmation of this, note the SBReg.pbk file. Another Google
search does remind me that it could also stand for Phi Beta Kappa or
Peanutbutter Kiss Tattoos lol. (Seriously! http://www.tamityville.com/pbk/
) But the filetypes dictionary at 


tells me that this is a Microsoft Phonebook file (as my nephew says,
boooor-ring!). But as a phonebook entry file with "reg" in it suggests that
this may be some kind of registration wizard dialer.

If your SBUtils directory has all this stuff in it, chances are that it is
relatively harmless; Trojans and other malware are not normally this
involved because it is too conspicuous. Not that I would suggest letting
whatever it is dial out without knowing more about it, but it is likely you
are right that it is something loaded as a part of the Packard-Bell
reinstall disk and is probably safe to delete from your startup list.



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