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  • Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 21:58:31 -0700

It took a while but I found it here;

Spyware utility installed by the manufacturers of some 
laptops (Sony) used to monitor browsing habits and send 
them back to whoever installed it - released by SoftBank. 

2/3 of the way down the page

When SR7K is running, it takes away more than 100 MB memory 
and it has almost no free memory left for you to run your own 
programs!  This is ridiculous as Windows 2000 usually needs only 
(!) 56 MB to run.  We have to remove all the junks from starting 
every time you turn it on.

2) Now let's remove other junk.  Still in regedit, go to this key:

"Synchronization Manager"=3D"mobsync.exe /logon"
"Apoint"=3D"C:\\Program Files\\Apoint\\Apoint.exe"
"HKSERV.EXE"=3D"C:\\Program Files\\Sony\\HotKey Utility\\HKserv.exe"
"JOGSERV2.EXE"=3D"C:\\Program Files\\Sony\\Jog Dial Utility\\JogServ2.exe"
"Smart Label OServer"=3D"C:\\Program Files\\Sony\\Smart=

"SBWatchDog.EXE"=3D"C:\\WINNT\\System32\\SBUtils\\SBWatchDog.EXE /l"


"Synchronization Manager" is installed by default of Win2000.  
If you have enabled some offline files, this synchronizes them 
every time you login.  You can leave it there as it only runs 
once and will not stay in the background.  "Apoint" is the 
enhanced mouse pad driver.  It sucks, but you do need it 
if you need the scrolling feature.  "HKSERV" is for you to 
define and use hot keys and I simply delete it.  As you see, 
"JOGSERVER2" is for the jog dial and I delete it because I 
don't like the jog dial at all.  I wish Sony will replace this jog 
dial with a MP3 play button that let's us play MP3 while driving.  

Also delete the "Smart Label OServer" and "SBWatchDog" but 
leave the "PRPCMonitor" which supports Intel's SpeedStep --- 
slows CPU speed from 600 MHz down to 500 MHz that 
consumes only one watt.

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On 15/05/2002 at 11:15 PM Ron Allen wrote:

>I don't know if it means anything, but I have a 
>new Soundblaster Live! card, but no such file in
>the system.

Yeah, it was just a guess. I have a SB Live too, and no watchdog file. Also
nothing about it on the Creative web site. Or anything useful from a Google
search. That's why I suggested the properties test to see if a company name
is there, that would potentially tell us a lot about what it might be or at
least where to start looking for answers. I thought it might be a Creative
file, possibly from a leftover old AWE or SB16 installation; I seem to
remember that my old AWE32 driver install did create a directory named
SBUtils, so it rang a bell for me.


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