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  • Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 19:11:18 -0700

I found this information which I applied to my Win XP pro
It seems to work well.

Localhost file Ad blocking
Kill Ads - Not Popups, just ads, with NO external software!
This trick utilizes something cool in Windows and, yes, Even
Ok, first lets say this can block ANY web site! ANY web site!
This is a very simple trick, and is rated for Intermediate users.

1) Browse to your "HOSTS" file. This file has no extension.
In Windows Me this is in c:\windows\ 
In Windows 2000/XP this is in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\
If Not, try searching for HOSTS.

2) Open this in NOTEPAD. Right click and select OPEN WITH.

3) In there you see a comment, and an ip address with the word 
localhost next to it. 
Those of you versed in linux know this trick very well.
Its not really a trick, actually.
It's been known in linux for awhile now. How do you use it?
4) Add a line like this: www.website.com
This will block www.website.com from being accessed. :)
Now, we provided a host file for you. 
Rename it to just HOSTS and put it in the directory where 
the HOSTS file is.
Hosts File

Mike ~ It is a good day if I learned something new.
Editor MikesWhatsNews see a sample on my web page
See my Anti-Virus pages ~ http://virusinfo.hackfix.org

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On 14/06/2002 at 6:34 PM Kit C wrote:

Look in Tools menu- Folder Options - View and see if you can solve
it from

I also hate hate the slowness of a search.  I believe it goes to
the net
and that causes the slowness.  I have been experimenting with
turning off
"Find-Fast" in the Properties - Advanced and may look further.  It
is kind
of like saying you can hike up the mountain faster if you carry
baggage and call home every minute or two.

I also set my firewall to disallow many of the internet-related
things that
everyone (it seems) adds to my software.  It takes some

For example, if I have explorer set to forbid certain cookies, it
extra time to tell them to go away.  But if I allow them, it keeps
to all of them so I'd rather use my RAM to Just Say No.

I also hate the "Help" feature which now goes to the net -- but
still does
not answer my questons.

On my soapbox - they also have cookies in several locations and so
it to delete them may not get rid of them all.

Sorry, short on time...



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