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In addition to gangle's post, it is also possible that someone else who
has your email address in their address book is infected with the klez
virus.  That one grabs an email address out of the infected person's
address book and makes the message appear to come from someone other
then the person actually infected.  System admin messages would then
bounce back to the apparent sender rather then the infected source that
actually sent it.


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Hi, something is weird with my other email address.  The other email
address I use is part of a bunch of fanlistings over the internet as
well as a couple of yahoogroups.  I got 2 emails from a Mail Delivery
System that says I tried to send .exe and a .bat to 2 people (one of
whom I know personally).  I did not send any files and I checked my sent
folder to make sure.  If I did, I would not attach a potential virus.  I
have Outlook, but I don't use it.  I did recently get hit with this
virus called vbs/redlof or something after an AVG scan, but I deleted
all my temp internet files and thought I was okay.  I didn't think that
the virus would affect Internet mail, and I still don't.     I think
either someone is using my email address that they lifted from the net
through a website (fanlistings) or from a yahoogroup.  Here is the link
that shows the headers and such, I didn't add the encoded stuff at the
end: http://www.msanthropickat.us/mail.txt  I don't know if that helps
 , but I'm mystified by it.  The subject line says "Darling"?  I am
going to look at the other email again to see if there is anything that
might help me figure this out.  Thanks for any help!

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