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You may have noticed I added a couple of links to my signature recently.  I
have been into RSS news feeds using RSS readers for over a year now, and
several months ago I started fooling around with blogging.  This is some
pretty cool stuff.  I keep track of over 100 websites from within my news
reader.  I could not possibly visit all of these sites individually.  With
my newsreader I can simply scan the headlines looking for things that
interest me and follow those links.  The ground I can cover in one hour in
my newsreader is nothing short of amazing.  I recommend looking into it if
you have not already.  There are so many uses for this stuff.  Do you fancy
yourself a writer?  Do you publish a newsletter?  Want to publish a
newsletter?  Or, just keep your own online diary?  Get into Blogging.
Questions relating to it would be quite appropriate here, so if you get
confused working with it, post away.  The one thing that really prompted
this post was to let you all know that it appears to me that if you are
registered at www.blogger.com you will be allowed to setup a gmail account
with google.  Gmail accounts are very popular and hard to come by because
Google is still BETA testing this and have not opened it up to the general
public yet.  Oh, did I mention that blogger.com and gmail is free?



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