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  • From: "Bobbie" <bobbiet@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 22:25:06 -0400


I don't know about the other stuff, but I have a program (free) called 
"callwave" for my phone calls.  The only cost involved is "call forwarding" 
from the phone company.  When I am on the computer, my calls are forwarded to 
an 800 number and a short message is given....then the caller leaves a message. 
 The message is downloaded (automatically) to my computer and I can then listen 
to it.  Then I can decide if I want to get offline right then and there and 
call them back or not.  It can be found at:  http://www.callwave.com


  I'm looking for a way to give up extra phone lines. I was wondering if anyone 
can recommend a device that will allow me to fax, use a computer with online 
access, and still receive incoming calls all from one phone line.
  Thanks in advance.

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