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  • Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 00:05:30 -0600

Here is some more information, but I have to go to bed very shortly so
this is all I can do this evening.

I went to http://www.grc.com and ran Shields Up on the PC-Cillin
firewall. It told me that some ports were stealth, others were simply
closed. According to the test, it failed. Although the report also
said that all connections were refused, most ports were not stealth.

I disabled the PC-Cillin firewall and reinstalled Zone Alarm Pro. The
I ran the Shields Up tests again... with exactly the same results. I
didn't compare the results port-by-port, but it looked like the exact
same results to me.

On impulse, I re-enabled the PC-Cillin firewall. Neither PC-Cillin or
Zone Alarm complained, and, while I have not had a chance to test yet,
they appear on the surface to live together peacefully (which doesn't
sound right to me, considering the problems between ZA and the last
version of the PC-Cillin firewall.

Apart from the overhead of running two firewalls, is there some reason
to not run them together? Any suggestions?



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