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  • Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 15:06:53 -0600

I have received responses from Trend Micro regarding Internet Security

In a nutshell, yes, Internet Security 2004 detects a list of products
which can be found at


Please note that this web site specifically states that PC-Cillin does
not uninstall these products. However the reply I received from Trend
Micro states that the Internet Security installation requires that the
PC-Cillin firewall be installed by default. So I did not miss an
option in the installation, the removal of Zone Alarm (or presumably
any other firewall or other product on the list given) is mandatory.

The response from Trend Micro also gives instructions on how to
manually disable and even uninstall the firewall portion of Internet
Security 2004 so that you can then re-install Zone Alarm or whatever
firewall you want to use. Here are those instructions:


In all fairness, I also want to pass this on. In my inquiry, I asked
specifically what protection was given up by turning off/un-installing
the PC-Cillin firewall and the response was, quote, "Basically the
same protection given by other firewalls though not as extensive."
unquote. I admire and appreciate the honesty here.

I also asked about refund policies, and the Trend Micro response was
that any time in the first 30 days they would just need information
about the sale itself (name, date, time, etc.) and would process a
refund through their reseller.

So, what's my bottom line take on this? Trend Micro, as far as I know,
still offers the all-around best AV protection available. The
inclusion of a firewall product in their package is a reasonable and
natural extension of what they do, and I applaud them for providing it
for those who otherwise would not have any firewall protection at all.
On the other hand, as far as I'm concerned it is irresponsible of them
to require the removal of Zone Alarm Pro when they acknowledge that
it offers more extensive protection than their own product. I admit
that, while an additional hassle, after re-installing Zone Alarm Pro I
have observed no ill effects. So I'm staying with Trend Micro for the
moment. I'm not really terribly happy about this whole mess, but I'm
staying with them for the AV protection.

My advice to others has to be: Go ahead and get Internet Security 2004
for the AV protection. If you don't run Zone Alarm, then do use the
included firewall in the Trend Micro product. Be aware of the
requirement to un-install and re-install Zone Alarm if applicable.
*sigh* what else can I say?


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