[24hoursupport] Re: OpenOffice install problem

  • From: "Douglas S. Oliver" <dsoliver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 12:07:58 -0700

Not sure exactly what you're asking for. I've lost what OS you're 
using--WinXP? If you're in Win98 or at least a preXP install, you can 
boot into dos and do it from there. You're trying to delete a file, 
right? DOS mode won't start the Win components that would "be in use." 
Another option is to run EndItAll to shut off all non essential 
programs. It's a free download--google for enditall2.

You have scanned for viruses and spyware, right?

If you really want to do it in DOS, you'll need to find the file and 
change its attributes so it's not a read only, hidden, system file. You 
can do all this with attrib--read your dos book for instructions. You'll 
see that in DOS file names are restricted to an 8.3 character length, so 
Program Files becomes progra~1 or some such thing. You should have no 
problem finding c:\windows\system though or system32. Minimal DOS help 
can be found by typing the dos command followed by /?. For example to 
find help with attrib, do attrib /?. You do need a space between the 
command and the question mark. Dos parameters follow a forward slash 
usually. (Oops, no periods in the command).

If you can find the file in Windows, right click on the file and get its 
details. If it's a read only or hidden file, you can simple uncheck 
those attributes. Don't forget that you can do a lot of things in 
Safemode. That will also stop a lot of things from being loaded.

Good luck -- Douglas

0e60wq102@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>I found out I have to download an updated version of oleaut32.dll 
>and replace the outdated one in System folder, to fix the 
>OpenOffice install error. Windows says it's in use and cannot be 
>replaced or unzipped to. I have a Microsoft MS-DOS book but don't 
>seem to see precisely how to do it in DOS. Any idea how to do this?
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