[24hoursupport] Re: OK, how did the spammers do THAT?

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I'm thinking that this happened from this site being able to read or use
third party cookies.  As you know, the IP address is no big trick to
obtain.  You probably had the yahoo email address in a cookie that got
read and harvested.  I looked a little for some evidence to back this
up, but couldn't find any on a cursory search so this is just an
"educated" :-) guess.

I'm sure you have tried SpyBot at some point, but go to
http://security.kolla.de/index.php?lang=en&page=download and download
and install version 1.2.  Run it next to Pest Patrol.  Personally, I
paid for the new version of Ad-Aware and still run SpyBot as well.  This
new version installs in "simple mode" by default and is pre-configured
to search just for spyware and no longer detects half your registry and
all of your recently opened file list.  You can search the help file for
instructions on starting it in "Advanced mode" so you can access the
settings to customize it.  Simple mode is not very configurable but it
does not need to be.  I actually like it better then ad-aware.  It scans
faster, fairly user friendly for the novice and every now and then finds
things that ad-aware is not "aware" of.


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Hello Derek,

(1) Web-based

(2) No, but thank you for asking <g>. OK, seriously, I haven't
deliberately visited a porn site in a very long while.

(3) I have Pest Patrol, updated weekly, installed and operating, and
scan regularly. A scan shows no spyware.



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