[24hoursupport] Re: Notepad/txt file 'association' problem

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Find a txt file on your drive in Windows Explorer.  Click once to
highlite it.  Hold the shift key down and while holding it down, right
click on the file.  You should now see the "Open with" option.  Click
that, choose notepad, check the box to always use it.

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Hi everyone, 

I tried the advice in the last email below, adding (space %1) to the
line, and it didn't work.  Anyone have any ideas how to get notepad++ to
be associated with clicking on txt files again?  (history below)



Question; how do I 'associate' all former notepad files with notepad++
(aka Notepad3)?  

Glitch; when I right-click on a notepad file, I no longer get the 'open
with' option.  Should I reinstall the Windows98 update?  Will that
straighten everything out, or will it 'preserve' my 'preferences',
meaning, will it fail to correct things that are now wrong?  

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