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Depending on your version, it might be under

Start/Settings/Control Panel/Multimedia


Start/Settings/Control Panel/Sounds and Multimedia

At the bottom of the first tab should be a check-box for "Show volume
control on the taskbar"

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On Fri, 29 Nov 2002, Bruce wrote:

> Double click on the speaker icon in your system tray.
> <SNIP>
> I don't have this icon in the system tray. Where else can I find it? I
> believe this is the problem.
> Bruce Cook
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> Bruce,
> Playing sound files and Audio CD's are two different tasks that might
> have different resolutions.  Have you checked the device manager for
> problems with the device itself?  The first thing you want to know about
> problems playing CD's is whether or not you have the audio cable plugged
> into your motherboard.  There is a cable that runs from the CD drive to
> the motherboard and if that is not plugged in you will not be able to
> hear CD's through your speakers.  A good way to test this is to plug a
> headset into the CD player.  Can you hear the CD' playing? If so, then
> the cable is your problem.  That said, the next thing you want to look
> at is your advanced sound properties.  Double click on the speaker icon
> in your system tray.  When the volume control comes up, check the menu
> options for "Advanced" options.  Look for anything that is muted or has
> volume turned all the way down.
> Spider

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