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  • From: "Bobbie" <bobbiet@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 11:28:15 -0500

Cloudeight Funletters/Roses & Ribbons (Flowers)Hi again~~
We have taken the computer apart and made sure the sound card is in 
tight....still no sound.  We are getting a message:  ~~No active mixer devices 
available..may install mixer devices from control panel.~~another 
message...can't open mixers.  What are they asking for?  Still no properties on 
"sound".  I did find a driver file...C:\\Win\Sys\MSSBLST.VDX.  

As suggested, clicked on "My computer...properties....device 
manager"....deleted sound card...rebooted....puter asked for nothing, but the 
card was back....still no sound....but...there is a yellow circle with an 
exclamation mark by Creative Labs Sound Blaster Pro and by MS Windows sound 
system compatible....which is explained as "there is a problem"....doesn't tell 
me what the problem is, just that there is one!  Does it sound like the sound 
card is not working/bad?

Win 95...300mhz system...32 mb ram

Thanks again,


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