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Something I do with a lot of shortcut icons I don't use all the time.
I make a folder for my desktop called "desktop icons" and put them all in
I also put a shortcut icon of this folder in my task bar. It keeps the
clutter down to a few and it is easier than start -programs- etc.


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> Heh. I think I'd have to call that one an 'Easter egg'. It doesn't work in
> WinXP (just brings up explorer), and as has been pointed out the 'show
> desktop' icon on the quicklaunch bar only takes one click. Any decent
> program will allow you to assign this to a single keypress - I use
> alt-space in Macro Express.
> A much better idea is to not put any icons on your desktop. What good are
> they if you gotta move windows to get to them? With an auto-hide
> always-on-top taskbar they're all a single click away on the quicklaunch
> bar no matter what you're running.
> >Here 's a nice tip for you folks.
> >To access the icons on your desktop without having to close all of the
> >open windows, select the Start menu, Run, then type a period (.) with no
> >parenthesis, and press Enter
> >Source:    http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,4149,14464,00.asp

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