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Good suggestion Spider however it should be noted
that GRC only tests certain/some ports and does not
give a complete test.   One who is looking to review
their firewall protection (or to see what they need
to protect)  should visit a variety of sites for a
better selection of tests/results.

Others can be found here:

Hopefully that helps some


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On 7/30/02 at 05:13 PM Spider wrote:

>You should put this link in your favorites and visit
it every now and
>then.  Click the "Test my Shields" first and follow
that with "Probe my
>Ports".  This will fully answer your question.  IMHO
if you pass the
>test at this site your security is plenty good
>Largo, Florida 33771
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>Hi everyone,
>I just got a cable modem.  Is there anything special
I need to do as far
>security is concerned?  So far, I've got ZoneAlarm
running and my
>hasn't been off since the modem was installed
(drivers).  I forget these
>of things.  Thanks!

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