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  • Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 22:19:14 -0400


If you want to experiment a little, try Mozilla  http://mozilla.org or
wait a couple weeks and when it comes out, try Opera 7.0

The bookmark issue you mentioned in another post about Netscape is not
fixed in Mozilla, but I am told there is a resolution available by using
Jetlinks  http://www.manfred-dahlhoff.de/JetLinks/

FWIW, I've never had a crash using Mozilla or Opera 6..bugs maybe, but
never a crash.



brenna_99_ca@xxxxxxxxx wrote: 

>I didn't use 6.1 long enough to come across that
>problem.  I had bigger issues.  Like kernel 32 errors
>and BSOD's.  Ugh!  Ah, well.  The best Netscape I had
>was 4.3...or was it 4.1?  Can't remember now.  Since
>the last format and restore in March, I've been
>running with just the one browser (IE)installed and
>it's been going well.  I just wondered what the word
>was on Netscape 7.0.  If I had another computer, it
>would be kind of a hoot to use this one to try
>different programs and such, always with a view to
>being fully willing to have to format if necessary,
>because there is a part of me that is curious and
>likes to learn about that stuff.  Being a product
>tester would be rather interesting, if you weren't
>depending on that particular computer for other
>things.  And then the other, *real* computer would be
>kept nice and stable and functional and *there* when
>we need it.  But when you've only got the one and
>everyone needs it, it's nothing but a bloody pain to
>have to be constantly fighting problems, so I just
>won't put myself in that position anymore.
>So has anyone heard about an IE 7.0 yet?  With
>maybe...*no* security thingies to patch every other
>day or so?<b.e.g.>  

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