[24hoursupport] Re: Netiquette; smilie :)

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  • Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 06:17:40 -0800 (PST)

 Yes, I've found that attempts at humorous or harmless sarcasm run a danger
of being misinterpreted as deliberate rancour or insult. For instance, after
I ran a post recently about anyone named 'Dell' should run a domain search
before changing their name so as not to offend the Dell Computer Company, I
realized afterwards the whole attempt at humor ran a serious risk of being
interpreted as pure offensiveness and wished I had not written a word. :-) 
I do prefer the more simple smilie with a colon and a right parentheses
mark,although it's only a personal thing, and enjoy getting them either way,
and I think the new way of adding the three dots to keep it from becoming
the'new' yellow-face html smilie, also helps differentiate it from a simple


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