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  • From: "Ron Allen" <chizotz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 09 Jun 2002 14:16:11 -0500

Hi Kit,

>Thanks. I suspect the problem lies in me not understanding things (e.g.
>what you just asked me! ;-)

No problem :) I'm not a real networking genius myself.

There are basically two ways you can connect to a cable/DSL line with
multiple computers.

First, one machine on the network can act as the gateway to the Internet
with all other machines on the network connecting through that machine.
This is how Internet Connection Sharing is (usually) set up. In this
arrangement, the Internet line goes directly to a network card (NIC) on one
machine. That machine has at least one other NIC through which the rest of
the internal network is connected.

Second, you can have an Internet router, which is a separate box with
several network connectors. The Internet connection goes to the router, and
each computer on the network is also connected to the router (which also
acts as a network hub). In effect, each machine on the network is connected
directly to the Internet through the router instead of through a gateway

Now, setup using a router is normally so easy and simple as to be
ridiculous :) You just plug it all in and turn it on and you're good to go.
At least, that's how it has worked for me and many others. There can be
various problems, but it's normally just that easy.

Setting up a gateway machine using Internet Connection Sharing or some
other proxy service is normally quite a bit trickier. The Microsoft Wizard
can work great, but frequently it doesn't and then you have a lot of
nit-picky troubleshooting and tracking to do to get it to work.

>I have a PairGain MegaBit 600F (DSL) Modem and have to input a Gateway
>number when I set up.  But it is not the number of any of my own
>computers, which have to have their own separate IP addresses.  I have had
>to specify IP addresses. The local tech support helped me and I was one of
>their early customers so we figured it out together.  Once, there was a
>conflict with one of their company's IP addresses, but I am not getting
>that error message this time.    

It sounds to me like you have elements of both of the above scenarios in
the mix. My personal experience is with cable, not DSL, which may be the
difference. I may be wrong, but it sounds like your DSL modem is acting
like the gateway, but does not provide DNS or DHCP services (an actual
router provides these services and automatically assigns IP addresses to
the machines on your internal network).

I just saw that you now have everything working! Great! I'm going to go
ahead and send this anyway, for whatever this information may be worth :)


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