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  • From: Ron Allen <chizotz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Hello William,

WBL> Hello...I hope this gets posted, because I haven't yet found the rules.
WBL> I really don't know how to post, or where I'll get a response.

The rules for the list can be found at


and you posted fine and you should receive list messages in your

WBL> I installed Partition Magic, and I like the way it works.
WBL> I installed BootMagic and I DON'T like the way it works, but
WBL>     Partition Magic has it hidden so that I can't uninstall it.
WBL> The Configure BootMagic button, where I figured I'd be able
WBL>     to Uninstall BootMagic, is greyed out, so I'm trapped.
WBL> Instructions would be appreciated.

I had BootMagic destroy a system and make it totally unbootable once.
I feel basically the same way about these two products as you do. PartitionMAgic
is great, BootMagic is awful.

What's more, I don't particularly like the options that PowerQuest
gives for uninstalling BootMagic. 

The options they give are to use the uninstall icon in the BootMagic
folder, or run FDISK /MBR from a Win95 or Win98 boot floppy to
replace/rebuild the master boot record.

By all means, use the uninstall icon in you BootMagic folder if you
have one (and really you should). If you need to go the other route, be
sure to back you data files up first, which PQ doesn't even mention
doing, because there is a risk of data loss involved.

If you need further assistance, please do ask.

Welcome to the list :)

Ron Allen
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