[24hoursupport] Re: Mouse Problem

  • From: "Barry Cornford" <cornyb@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 14:15:34 +1000


Several months ago I bought a new Gateway system with XP.  It came with a
Logitech mouse which I installed and used up until a couple weeks ago.  Then
I decided I wanted to use the cordless Logitech mouse I had on hand so I
installed that.  I connected the receiver to the mouse port with an adapter
and had been using the cordless mouse with no problems until yesterday when
it suddenly stopped functioning.

Can an adaptor or a mouse port suddenly "go bad"?   Does anyone have any
idea what's going on here?

The short answer is yes.
But I think it is unlikely.
Several suggestions to try and isolate the problem.
1.    Try a different Mouse on the Same port.
2.    Try the Problem Mouse on another Computer.
3.    Try re-installing the Mouse Driver. But un-install the old driver first, 
as you are having
problems I strongly suggest you do this via Safe Mode.
        To get into Safe Mode Re-boot your machine keep tapping the F8 function 
key as the machine
is starting. You will be presented with a multiple choice             menu. 
Somewhere in the middle
will be a choice of Windows Safe Mode. Click Ok to get to your Desktop, Click 
on Start,
Settings,Control Panel.
        Click on Add & Remove Programs Icon, find the mouse driver and click on 
        The reason so doing it in Safe Mode you are more likely the remove all 
of the Driver files
opposed to in normal Windows.
4.    Windows itself could also be the Culprit.

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