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<From sweetiepie@xxxxxxxxxxxx  Sat Apr 27 20:40:14 2002
Subject: Re: [24hoursupport] Re: Need guidance on CD-RW

The cache buffer is set to 768 kb, the maximum allowable in the
miniwindow slider, in the cd-burner software, which is Easy CD Creator
3.5C (263).  

I ruined another cd-r trying to run an audio recording, and the
following error mssgs are always the same;
T7303: Track Writer error - Undefined or invalid parameter.
T7303 (repeat)
T7118: Track Writer error: Command retry failed
D0100: I/O error (05/2C/00) Comand error - commands not issued.  

It suggested there may be a faulty or disconnected cable between the pc
and cd-writer.  The cd-writer used to work, and I don't recall ever
disconnecting anything, but I will try to search out the cables when the
machine is off and see if I can see anything obviously disconnected.  


Ron Allen wrote:
 Hello Roland,
 What kind of error messages are you getting?
 If you are getting buffer underrun errors, you might need to save an image
 and then burn from the image. That is a common problem. What cd mastering
 software are you using? If not myself, someone on this list, I'm sure,
 knows how to create and burn from images using almost any mastering

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