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  • Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 14:53:31 -0700

Hi Ed,
What I did is traded in my 2 sticks of 128, for full price credit and=
 bought 2 of 256.
I support my local PC builder so he supports me<g>

He actually called me one day after I had told him I was 
thinking about upgrading my 10 month old AND 850 Thunderbird,
CPU to a 1000. He had another customer who wanted to upgrade 
to an 850.
All it cost me was the difference in price at the time.
I had him build my last PC. so he got my money anyway.

Mike ~ It is a good day if I learned something new.
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On 11/05/2002 at 7:20 AM ED R wrote:

I've just added 256 mgs of RAM and am wanting to add more memory to my
PC.  There are no more RAM slots.  There are 2 more smaller slots (about
1/2 inch smaller than the RAM slots).  What kind of memory would this be
and what kinds of prices are we talking about?
ED in Tennessee
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