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I am having trubble singing in to MSN Messenger.
I have set it up so that it will signin on startup.
However when I do turn on my pc, it sometimes signs in and sometimes doesen't 

I wrote to microsoft twise and they gave me the following information.

1. Your computer may have third-party firewall software, such as
ZoneAlarm, which prevents you from connecting to MSN Messenger servers.
Please make sure that the firewall software is set to allow MSN
Messenger to operate. For information on how to do this, consult the
software manufacturer. 

2. Your computer may not have the latest Internet Explorer version. MSN
Messenger makes use of the new security features incorporated in
Internet Explorer. For the best experience, please update IE, do this
even if you are not using it as your default browser. To verify your IE
version, click on Help > "About Internet Explorer". The latest version
is 6.0.2800.1106; Update version: SP1. You may download the update at

3. Your Internet Explorer's security settings may be set too high,
preventing your computer from connecting to MSN Messenger servers. To
lower these settings: 
a. Start Internet Explorer. 
b. Click "Tools" then "Internet Options". 
c. Click "Advanced" tab then go to "Security" section. 
d. Make sure "Check for server certificate revocation (requires
restart)" is not checked. If so, click on the box to uncheck it. 
e. Make sure "Use SSL 2.0" and "Use SSL 3.0" is checked. If it is not,
click on the boxes to check it. 
f. Click OK. 

4. Your computer's proxy settings may be incorrect. Proxy settings allow
your computer to communicate with the Internet. Please contact your
Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your network administrator for the
correct proxy server and port numbers. 

a. If you have the proxy server and port numbers, please: 
1. Start Internet Explorer. 
2. Click "Tools" then "Internet Options". 
3. Click "Connections" tab then click "LAN Settings". 
4. Make sure "Automatically detect settings" is not checked. If so,
click on the box to uncheck it. 
5. Make sure "Use a proxy server for your LAN ." is checked. If it is
not, click on the box to check it. 
6. Type the proxy server number on the box beside "Address:". 
7. Type the port number on the box beside "Port:" 
8. Click OK. 

b. If your Internet connection does not require you to connect via a
proxy server, it is recommended that you clear out this setting in the
"Connections" tab of MSN Messenger: 
1. Start MSN Messenger. 
2. Go to "Tools" then "Options". 
3. Go to "Connection" tab, make sure "I use a proxy server" is not
checked. If so, click on the box to uncheck 
4. Click OK. 

5. If you received an "invalid" or "unrecognized" user name or password
message, make sure you sign using the user name and password you
registered with Microsoft .NET Passport. In the meantime, please sign in
manually by: 

a. Start MSN Messenger. 
1. Click "To sign in with a different account, click here" under the
"Sign In" button, 
Click "File" then "Sign In". 
b. Type the e-mail address and password in their respective boxes. 
c. Click OK. 

I checked with my ISP about the proxy settings, they said that there atr 
settings, but they work in the background. I have a DSL Connection.

Messenger Version 6.2. I also have Yahoo! Messenger version 6.0.

Firewall Mcaffee Personal firewall plus.



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