[24hoursupport] Re: Iwin.com mysteriously appears

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It sounds as though you may have installed something that is spyware.
You probably should download, install and run ad-aware.  You can get
that at:


Be sure you get the latest reference file.  Also a word of caution with
this program.  The safest way to us ad-aware is to run your first scan
to identify the spyware components.  Then go to add/remove programs and
uninstall the software that is identified as spyware BEFORE letting
ad-aware remove the components.

Once you have that cleaned up, go to:


And download FreeSurf.  This is a very good pop-up stopper.  It has a
plug-in called Washboard that helps you keep cache and url's cleaned up
as well as rules that you can set to enable certain sites popup windows
and disable others.

Largo, Florida 33771

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At different times (not on start-up of Internet Explorer) iwin.com will
mysteriously pop up on my screen, the whole webpage, not a pop-up. It's
mildly annoying; does anyone know why it would do that and how I can
make it stop? Thanks.

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