[24hoursupport] Re: Is it okay to never shut computers down?

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I agree with Fuzzy in that it is a hotly debated topic and has been for
years.  There are actually 3 camps on this one.  One says leave it on
all the time, one says no turn them off when you are leaving the PC for
any extended period of time, and the third camp says it makes little to
no difference.  Personally I leave mine on all the time.  My present
computer has been on (most of the time) for 3 years now.  I only vary
from that with laptops.  Laptops make me nervous because they tend to
generate more heat and have a much smaller space to dissipate the heat.
I tend to leave them on during the day and turn them off at night.
Remember though, Rule 1 "The boss is always right".  Rule 2 "If the boss
is wrong, see Rule 1".  :-)

Largo, Florida 33771

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At work, manager hates it when we shut down computers.  Outside of the
that we could save electricity by shutting down the comps, should we
leave them on continuously?  Pros/cons?  Thanks.

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