[24hoursupport] Re: Invalid disk and more problems....

  • From: "Ewen Howe" <ewenhowe@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 19:29:28 +0900

Thanks, Barry! You are right, there must have to be a i386 fold in the CD.
The point is I was not able to see those folders in the CD....But, your
words remind me that, I should have used a boot disks from Windows 2000,
yes, 4 dislks in total. I thought the purpose was just to get into DOS
prompt, Windoe 98 boot disk also can do, may be I was wrong.

> But none of this is going to work unless you make sure that your CD
drivers are installed.

Then, how can I ensure there is a driver already installed? If not, how can
I installed one? This is a new mainboard (I am replacing MB) and HDD has
been formatted. It just like a newly assembled desktop and what I tried to
do is to go ahead to install a OS, Win2K.

> Also did you format the drive after you made the partition?
> More info please and relax just slow down and think what you did.

The partitions were made when the old mainboard was there and each partition
was formatted before the old MB was replaced by the new one. I did not
change any hardwares that were on with the old MB.

> Is there more than one operating system on your computer?

No, there is nothing in my computer now. The HDD has been formatted.

>  Were you upgrading from another system?

No, thw old MB PC ran the same Windows 2000pro. Only one OS.

> Your thread is not completely clear to me as to what it is that you did on
the install.

Sorry, I try to describe what I can and anticipate your guidance.

I will try to boot with those 4 disks to see what differs. Thanks!


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