[24hoursupport] Re: Invalid disk and more problems....

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  • Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 14:50:12 +0900

I was looking for the i386 in Windows CD as well but failed to fine it,
since the file list displayed is apparently not that from Win CD (as you
said, maybe from the Virtual drive that was setup by the boot disk). I do
not know how this could happen. It appears to be that the CD-drive is nor
recognised. But I checked the BIOS, the CD drive is there...

I anticipate more. Thanks!


At A: I can go to C: and D:, the partiopns, and E: , the CD-ROM drive.

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> You are looking at the Virtual drive that was setup by the boot disk. Try
> looking at D or F. Anyway to run setup for a formatted disk using win2000
> you have to run winnt.exe from within the I386 folder on the cd. A faster
> way would be to copy the I386 folder to your HD and run winnt.exe from
> there.
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> Subject: [24hoursupport] Invalid disk and more problems....
> > I have run into some probelms in attempt to clean-set up a Win2000pro to
> my
> > Pt4 desktop with newly formated and partitioned HDD. I replaced the
> > motherboard with a new P4B266 from Asus. So, basically this is a plain
> > without anything in HDD and I could use DOS only. After carefully
> > around making sure everthing was ready, I switched on the power.
> > the starting stopped at 'an invalid system disk, please replace....try
> > again', while I was sure there was nothing in the FDD. If I booted with
> > boot disk aquired from Win98, I was brought to the A:\ without problem.
> > could even move around different drives. However, when I inserted
> Win2000pro
> > CD into CD rom and type 'dir' under E:\ (the CD-ROM), I was shown a list
> of
> > files that are surely not from the Win CD. Later I found that no matter
> what
> > CD I insert or even no CD inserted, I was shown the same list of file
> > 'dir'ed. So, I guess there must be something wrong and likely the CD-ROM
> was
> > not recognized. I got into the BIOS (AWARD) and could not figure out
> > anything abnormal, accept the BIOS layout appears to be different from
> what
> > I used before, a same AWARD BIOS.... Can anyone tell me what could be
> going
> > wrong before I get intouch with the maker of MB? Or, I misunderstood the
> way
> > of setting up Win2000 with that of Win98? Thanks a lot!
> >
> > Ewen

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