[24hoursupport] Invalid disk and more problems....

  • From: "Ewen Howe" <ewenhowe@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[24hrsupporthelpdesk]" <24hoursupport@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 12:02:36 +0900

I have run into some probelms in attempt to clean-set up a Win2000pro to my
Pt4 desktop with newly formated and partitioned HDD. I replaced the
motherboard with a new P4B266 from Asus. So, basically this is a plain PC
without anything in HDD and I could use DOS only. After carefully checking
around making sure everthing was ready, I switched on the power. Shortly,
the starting stopped at 'an invalid system disk, please replace....try
again', while I was sure there was nothing in the FDD. If I booted with a
boot disk aquired from Win98, I was brought to the A:\ without problem. I
could even move around different drives. However, when I inserted Win2000pro
CD into CD rom and type 'dir' under E:\ (the CD-ROM), I was shown a list of
files that are surely not from the Win CD. Later I found that no matter what
CD I insert or even no CD inserted, I was shown the same list of file when
'dir'ed. So, I guess there must be something wrong and likely the CD-ROM was
not recognized. I got into the BIOS (AWARD) and could not figure out
anything abnormal, accept the BIOS layout appears to be different from what
I used before, a same AWARD BIOS.... Can anyone tell me what could be going
wrong before I get intouch with the maker of MB? Or, I misunderstood the way
of setting up Win2000 with that of Win98? Thanks a lot!

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