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  • From: Joe Parker <joe.parker@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 10:19:55 -0400


You can turn off auto-rebooting under System>Advanced>Startup and Recovery. 
This may give you a better clue about the error. Probably not. Also disable 
all the error logging while you're in there as those logs are pretty much 
useless and can be enormous.

The *best* answer, even if it isn't the answer you want to hear, is to stop 
using these packet writing cd programs altogether. They're very intrusive 
under the best of circumstances - constantly monitoring the drives and 
eating up system resources.

Uninstall InCD and simply use Nero to erase and burn a regular cdrw. 
Presumably you're only using cdrws for weekly backups so it really 
shouldn't take much extra time.

P.S. The list has been moved back to Yahoo.

>When I use Nero InCD to copy files to a RW Cd
>After I have finished and I Eject the CD the Drive Door Opens & Closes 
>very quickly & the Bloody machine reboots it's self
>Machine Specs are
>512Mb Ram
>Windows XP Pro
>LiteOn 48 X 12 X 48
>As a normal burner it behaves it's self alright it is only when ejecting a 
>RW Cd
>Anyone got any clues as to where I start to try and fix the problem?

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