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I thought that I would let it pass but my craving for "I told you so" does
not allow me to.Nearly an year ago we had a discussion on this group
regarding keeping the PC switched on 24/7/52. I was the lone and vociferous
proponent of the theory that *in case you do not need to use the PC for the
next couple of hours,*  power it down( the same goes for other electrical
equipments). The two valid reasons are (1) it saves  power. (2) no surge
protector is as goooooooooood as the power switch. You guys living in
affluent countries are spoiled by faultless lines and clean power. So when
the surge when it takes your *old wallet* away. Need I remind you that the
theory about "shocks to the MoBo at startup of PC" can be debunked by my
theory that more PC'c die of obsolence rather than of shocks.

BTW it is always heartening to learn that you are back, and with good
vigour too. Welcome back my friend!!!

Madhup Thakur

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From: "Ron Allen" <chizotz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [24hoursupport] Re: I'm Back -- I hope!

> BC> My questions are.
> BC> Did you recall if there was a Power Surge at the time?
> BC> Do you run some Power Surge Equipment?
> Hi Barry,
> Then my older machine went out. Then my VCR went out. Then my newer
> computer went out, all within a few days.
> My only conclusion has to be that there was a power surge, possibly
> from technicians working in the area. There is a transformer station
> right behind the house. In 15+ years, I've never had this kind of
> problem, but... there it is.

> Ron

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