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Hi Ron,
If you are looking into replacing the fuse box with a new panel, do some=
Some makes now have a surge protection circuit main breaker available.

I like the APC brand UPS I have several of them now, I bought their new=
 XS1000 for my XP tower.
They have built in power conditioning.
I particularly like their auto shutdown software which will close programs=
 and shutdown the computer.
It has saved me several time during windstorms and heavy snowfalls when the=
 branches on the trees hit the power lines.

The beeper built into it alerts me when a power failure occurs.

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On 18/03/2003 at 9:30 PM Ron Allen wrote:

BC> My questions are.
BC> Did you recall if there was a Power Surge at the time?
BC> Do you run some Power Surge Equipment?

Hi Barry,

A day or two before the first problem manifested itself, I came home
to find the VCR and other digital clock blinking, and both machines
(always left on, then) turned off. There had been a power failure
during the day. At the time, I didn't think anything of this.

Then my older machine went out. Then my VCR went out. Then my newer
computer went out, all within a few days.

My only conclusion has to be that there was a power surge, possibly
from technicians working in the area. There is a transformer station
right behind the house. In 15+ years, I've never had this kind of
problem, but... there it is.

Both machines where on surge protectors, but they were old ones and
there are additional problems. Neither unit was plugged into a good
outlet. More about this in a second.

The new machine is on an APC UPS/surge protector. In
between that and the computer is an additional brand new,
top-of-the-line suge protector.

After I lost two computers and a VCR, I decided to check the circuitry
in the house. I bought an outlet tester from Radio Shack. In the
entire house, I have only found three outlets that tested out
properly. I knew the wiring in the house was out of date; most of it
is original to this house, which is circa 60 years old. The wiring
that is newer was not installed by licensed electricians (I did some
of it myself). Also, the house has a fusebox instead of breakers.

I am going to have the entire house re-wired, and the fusebox replaced
with circuit breakers, ASAP. That is not exactly a trivial job, nor
will it be cheap. Still, it must be done and as soon as I can manage

In the meantime, I am only going to use the two outlets that test out
as good for my computer(s) and from now on my computers will have at
least two surge protectors between the wall and the computer. I'm not
going to lose another computer to electrical problems if I can
possibly help it. Do you have any additional suggestions? A friend
suggested a "power conditioner" unit, which I am considering too.

As an aside, two of the three outlets that tested out OK were ones
that I wired myself. Apparently I just got lucky on those two, though,
because another four I wired have various problems. Obviously, I
thought I was doing it right on all of them and, obviously, there is
more to it than what I thought. At this point, I'm ready to let a
licensed professional do it right and I'll stand back and stick to
things I know.


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