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  • Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 21:28:39 -0500

Also you can try IE repair if IE is listed in "Add/Remove Programs".
Highlight Internet Explorer and click "Add/Remove". You will then get the
option to repair IE.

Path: Start~Settings~Control Panel~Add/Remove programs.

[Above information applies to Win 9.x/ME IE 5.x and higher and may apply to
other versions.]

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> Please let us know what version of IE you are using
> and what version of Windows you are using.  There are
> a number of things you can do here--you can delete
> your temporary internet files, do a cleanup of your
> hard drive, run scandisk and defrag, run system file
> checker to check for corrupted files, and run the IE
> repair tool.  The Windows update site can also be used
> to check for updates and patches, although I
> personally am not a huge fan, as I've had problems
> with their patches.  Also, if you are using AV
> software, make sure it is up to date and run a
> thorough system scan.  Sometimes simple maintenance
> can solve these things.  Reformatting is a major pain,
> not something you should have to do for a problem with
> the browser (just the opinion of a non techie,
> recently formatted  person <g>).
> Brenna
> --- "john.estate" <john.estate@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Iexplorer keeps closing frequently when surfing
> > internet with which ever site or programme it
> > happens to be on do I need to re format
> >
> > very irritated!!!
> > JOHN

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