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  • From: "William B. Lurie" <billurie@xxxxxxxx>
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I don't feel any loyalty to IE just because I'm forced, on a
practical basis, to use the Microsoft OS. I started with Netcape I can't
even remember how man6y years ago, have gone up the line with
them and will continue to do so. I do use IE.......on those once a year
occasions when some site requires it. As Netscape improved as
time went on, so does Mozilla.  It's a case of chacun a son gout.
And I don't want to be any more captive to what Microsoft might be
hiding in IE that nobody even knows about.
          Bill Lurie

Spider wrote:

>Lately I have been reading a lot from well intentioned support technicians
>encouraging people to dump IE in favor of Mozilla or some other type of
>browser.  This has always seemed to me as an unfair attack on Microsoft
>since the flavor of the posts seem to blame them for the security problems.
>Microsoft is not the one doing this guys and gals. It's the bad guys.
>Dumping IE is akin to allowing drug pushers to push us out of a
>neighborhood.  I'd rather take the "no surrender" position.
>It is my contention that moving to another browser will not stop the
>attacks.  They target Internet Explorer because that is where their target
>market lives.  Trust me, they will go with the flow. They must be defeated
>not avoided.  A look at Security Tracker will illustrate my point. Mozilla
>is a common alternative mentioned by those that advocate dumping IE.  Well,
>look at the current threats posted on the Mozilla Browser
>(http://www.securitytracker.com/archives/target/1291.html) and compare them
>to the current threats posted on Microsoft Internet Explorer
>(http://www.securitytracker.com/archives/target/49.html) Do you think that
>Mozilla is a safe alternative?  Perhaps safer then IE at the moment, but
>what happens when Mozilla gets recognized as the "mainstream" browser?  My
>contention is that the ratio of threats to Mozilla will increase and surpass
>IE. Me, I'm sticking with IE.  I happen to like it and Microsoft's response
>to the problems, they fix the issues as they come up.
>Now, that is not to discourage someone from using another browser.  It's the
>reason / scare tactics I object to.  If another browser trips your trigger
>then go for it.  I dumped Netscape years ago for performance issues.
>Internet Explorer has always performed well for me.  Every now and then I
>give Netscape / Mozilla another trial run, but I never have found it up to
>par at least for the way I use a browser.
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>Here is an alarming comment on the IE browser. Comments anyone?
>I've read about an alternate browser called Firefox, but they want you to
>download and unzip a whole bunch of subdownloads that would take me forever.
>It does come highly recommended though.

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