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Lately I have been reading a lot from well intentioned support technicians
encouraging people to dump IE in favor of Mozilla or some other type of
browser.  This has always seemed to me as an unfair attack on Microsoft
since the flavor of the posts seem to blame them for the security problems.
Microsoft is not the one doing this guys and gals. It's the bad guys.
Dumping IE is akin to allowing drug pushers to push us out of a
neighborhood.  I'd rather take the "no surrender" position.

It is my contention that moving to another browser will not stop the
attacks.  They target Internet Explorer because that is where their target
market lives.  Trust me, they will go with the flow. They must be defeated
not avoided.  A look at Security Tracker will illustrate my point. Mozilla
is a common alternative mentioned by those that advocate dumping IE.  Well,
look at the current threats posted on the Mozilla Browser
(http://www.securitytracker.com/archives/target/1291.html) and compare them
to the current threats posted on Microsoft Internet Explorer
(http://www.securitytracker.com/archives/target/49.html) Do you think that
Mozilla is a safe alternative?  Perhaps safer then IE at the moment, but
what happens when Mozilla gets recognized as the "mainstream" browser?  My
contention is that the ratio of threats to Mozilla will increase and surpass
IE. Me, I'm sticking with IE.  I happen to like it and Microsoft's response
to the problems, they fix the issues as they come up.

Now, that is not to discourage someone from using another browser.  It's the
reason / scare tactics I object to.  If another browser trips your trigger
then go for it.  I dumped Netscape years ago for performance issues.
Internet Explorer has always performed well for me.  Every now and then I
give Netscape / Mozilla another trial run, but I never have found it up to
par at least for the way I use a browser.




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Here is an alarming comment on the IE browser. Comments anyone?


I've read about an alternate browser called Firefox, but they want you to
download and unzip a whole bunch of subdownloads that would take me forever.
It does come highly recommended though.

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