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Actually it's kind of scary but I think I know what you are meaning and
trying to do.  First you do need the check mark in the "reuse window
when launching shortcut".  The problem is, I'm pretty sure that the
system notes which IE window was the first to launch and that is the
browser window that will get re-used.  So, make sure you reserve that
activity for the FIRST browser window you open.  Try to keep the browser
windows that you don't want to change in the second, third, fourth, etc.
instances of the browser.  Personally, if you use multiple browser
windows (as I do) I think you find it easier to control by leaving the
"reuse" box unchecked and control your multiple browsers manually.

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I've tried that box checked and not checked over and over, but that
isn't the problem.

I want to be able to click on a favorites item in a pulldown folder list
and have that link open in the window I'm currently using, and for IE
not to go and open that link in some other already open, but not the
current, window.  Often I have one site open on the non-current window
that I wish to keep right where it is, URL-wise, but IE decides to use
that, or another window, instead of my current window to open the new
link picked from the pulldown list in my current window.

I am not trying to get it to open, or not, a brand new window, which is
what it does if tools>internet options>Advanced>place a check in "reuse
windows for launching shortcuts" is not checked.

Kind of difficult to put into words.

Thanks for the response!


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