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I tried to clean this info up as much as possible.. but.. I was cleaning out
my mailbox, and found this after reading Debbie's question.. It is from
December 2002. I hope this helps!
                                                Later!!  Tina

Computer Virus Insults Victims
Computer virus insults victims
Users get an insulting message on their screen
Security experts are warning computer users to be on the look-out for an
insulting worm that can seriously harm a PC. Known as Winevar, the worm is
spreading via e-mail as an attachment that infects computers running
Winevar has a particularly rude insult, displaying the message: "Make a fool
of oneself: What a foolish thing you've done!" If users press the ok button,
they could lose all the files on their computer. Security links After
infecting a system, the worm disabled security software and anti-virus
programs, launching the W32FunLove.4099 virus. Top three viruses in October
Bugbear - 77%
Klez.H - 6.2%
Opaserv-A - 2.5%
Source: Sophos
The worm arrives with the subject line of "Re: AVAR (Association of
Anti-Virus Asia Researchers). Anti-virus firm Sophos suspects the author has
links to the recent AVAR conference held in Korea. "Ironically the Winevar
worm author seems to have got his inspiration from a conference intended to
reduce the impact of computer viruses," said Graham Cluley, Senior
Consultant for Sophos. CEO danger As part of its payload, Winevar attempts
launch a denial-of-service attack on the website of US security firm
Symantec. Another side effect of the virus is its ability to change a
computer's settings to create an imaginary file extension ".ceo". Any future
viruses sent with this file extension will be automatically run on the
computer. "It is quite amusing that in the post-Enron world we find that
can be dangerous to your PC," said Mr Cluley. Anti-virus firms have posted
information about the worm and users are advised to check out their websites
to find out how to protect themselves and clean up their PCs.

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From: "Debbie" <lillearners@xxxxxxx>
> Just today, I had something really weird happen. My computer started
> to me. Sounds weird? It was. It says this at random times, by itself, w/
> prompting. "This is your computer. I am a windows computer. You expect I'm
> going to do something? (laugs). A lot you know. See you later."
> It is said in a female voice. has anyone EVER heard of this??
> Erin Go Bragh!

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