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 My advice to get Drive Image also I would add to run a backup copy o= f an
OS with no problems.
Ram sticks should always be of the same exact kind if you want to run more =
than one. 

System Suite programs such as offered by Norton or others include a ram
stickchecker to test them. If you want to upgrade your ram, it is better to
either get one big stick, or several smaller ones all exactly the same in
every way including make, size, type, manufacturer, and so on. 

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Thanks for the help. It's tons more than the people at = PCWorks would 
give me. They wouldn't even post my letter!
Anywa= y, As far as I know, I don't see how it could be a BIOS problem when 
I'= m using the 40 gig drive (this one I'm using now), especially since
sent me the 40 gig to replace the 20 gig that went bad on me 2 years a= fter
bought this computer. It's now 4 years old, I think. Maybe jus= t over 3.
According to the info Gateway sent me on this particular m= achine, it CAN 
handle drives of at least 137 gig, and more if I can get= an Ultra ATA. Now,

the big problem is that no one seems to know where= I can get one or which
will work for me. The same goes for some o= f these problems I'm having, my 
friend, Ed, tells me it's one thing and= someone on PC Works tells me it's 
something completely different and s= omeone else lays out a completely
theory. I don't know who t= o believe, but I know that most of the stuff Ed
didn't work very mu= ch if at all.
I've tried getting more memory for it, but it either d= oesn't work or it's 
the wrong kind. I've just about had it with this b= east!!
For the rest of your letter, I'll reply segmentally because I= think it's 
easier that way, I don't care what PC Works says about it. 
In a message dated 10/28/2004 1:35:33 AM Central Daylight Time,
chizotz@xxxxxxxxx writes:
The error message at shutdown you refer to co= uld be caused by numerous 
things. One is the presence of the W32/Kriz v= irus.
What can get rid of this? I have AVG on the 120 gig drive. 
Another is having multiple versions of AOL installed on the machine. 
I don't think I have that on the 120 gig. I'm pretty sure I ju= st have 
8.0 on that one, and 9.0 Optimized LE on this one (40 gig). Al= l the 5.0
is just saved, not functional, on the 250 gig D drive. 
The error message has also been associated with McAfee's firewall. 
I don't have that.

The problems described with the hard = drive may be related, or may be 
coincidental. I would suspect things li= ke the BIOS is too old to handle a
drive as 
large as 120 gig,

= Like I said, it's only 3 to 4 years old. As far as I know, 250's have been
around for at least 2 years.

the BIOS is not properly set f= or the drive, not recognizing the drive, or
correctly detecting the= drive.

I'd think it was the first or the last of those.
Here's a good site on troubleshooting hard drive problems: 
_http://ww= w.zdnet.com.au/insight/0,39023731,20267667,00.htm_ 
(http://www.zdnet.co= m.au/insight/0,39023731,20267667,00.htm) 

Thanks, I'll check th= ese out later this weekend. I'm still too exhausted 
from last weekend'= s magic shows to get into anything that heavy right now.

The W32/Kri= z virus is a pretty nasty one. It can affect the BIOS of the 
computer b= y attempting to flash it.

You mean, like a guy on the street in= a rain coat? (-; I have no clue 
what flashing is in puterese.
Here's a page on that: 
_http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter= /venc/data/w32.kriz.html_ 
(http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcente= r/venc/data/w32.kriz.html)
andit could explain the hard drive problems. 
Again, I'll get to it in about 2 days.

I wouldn't jump to= the conclusion that the motherboard is shot. Maybe it
but the prob= ability is rather low; that's a relatively rare thing to
The fa= ct that you're getting the same or similar problems on the original
drive makes it sound like a BIOS issue to me.

I guess, I'm pretty = sure it's not the hard drives. How can it be if the 
120 is only 4 week= s old and the 250 is a few months old? And I'm not
any problems= with the 250. But that's set up as a slave, not a master or 
co-master= .

It could be as simple as replacing the battery on the motherboard = so the
settings are correctly retained between shut downs.
I'll have to see if I can find one for it. Is it the same one that ru= ns 
the clock? If so, the clock has been lagging a bit since I got the = puter.
set it correctly and withing a few weeks, it's a minute or 4 = slow, but it 
STAYS only that slow for months if not years, it never goe= s beyond that.

Do you get any error messages during the POST (the bl= ack screen at boot
the memory is checked before Windows starts to= load?

I'm not absolutely sure, but a few years ago I think I w= as getting some 
BSOD messages as it was booting. I just got a brand ne= w message just
got on line. I was working on editing a cd for= my best friend for her b-day

this weekend, and, just after I clicked o= n the exit button, the screen
black, then blue, and said something= like: Windows protection has shut
Restart your computer.
= Now, what's all this stuff about bad clusters on the 120 gig? How can
therebe so many, all in the same space, on a brand new hard drive?
Does the BIOS correctly identify the drive then? That's where I would sta=

I have no idea. How would I find out?

Hope this hel= ps.

Yes, some of it has, thanks again. (-: A thought just occ= ured to me; 
supposedly, I'm not supposed to be able to get AOL 9.0 on t= his machine. I
got a 
9.0 disc a few months ago and tried to load it, o= r dl it and it only took
to 8.0. A few months later I wrote zeroes = to the 40 gig and reinstalled
again expecting to get 8.0 but it all= owed me to get 9.0! When I installed
120 gig and tried to put 9.0 = on IT, it only went to 8.0 again. I was just 
thinking, is my having 9.= 0 when I'm not supposed be able to get it what's
the problem, b= ut that's only on this drive, not the 120, the one that I 
started havin= g tons of problems on.

Thanks again for the help.

= Dale

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